FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I become an ALPINA dealer?

The ability to be an authorised dealer for BMW ALPINA automobiles or for ALPINA parts and accessories is exclusively subject to authorised BMW dealers and BMW dealerships.

Which BMW ALPINA models are distributed in the USA and Canada?

The BMW ALPINA B7 and the BMW ALPINA B6 Gran Coupé are currently available at authorized BMW dealers in North America / Canada and approved by the authorities.

Does ALPINA offer ALPINA emblems that replace the BMW emblems on the front and rear of BMW ALPINA automobiles?

No. All BMW ALPINAs are delivered with BMW emblems on the front and rear of the vehicle, documenting the trade name 'BMW ALPINA'. Please note that any ALPINA emblems for fitting on the front or rear of vehicles are not Original ALPINA Parts but in fact counterfeits.

Do ALPINA offer any aftermarket tuning or modifications to increase the power of BMW automobiles?

ALPINA, as a manufacturer, only sell complete factory built automobiles. ALPINA do not offer any aftermarket kits, tuning chips or modifications. ALPINA strongly advise against chip tuning which may negatively affect the life span of the engine and other components. Any aftermarket engine modification voids the balance of the BMW ALPINA automobile warranty.

Is it possible for ALPINA to modify my new or used BMW?

ALPINA, as a manufacturer, only sell complete factory built automobiles and do undertake modifications to existing new or used BMW. However, a wide range of Original ALPINA Parts and Accessories are available for many BMW models, including light-alloy wheels, suspensions and aerodynamic packages. Click on Parts & Accessories to see whats availabel for your BMW!

How can I request a brochure or price list?

If you need any brochures or price lists, please contact your nearest authorised BMW ALPINA dealer.

What information does ALPINA require in order to provide me with an ABE (General Operating Permit)?

ALPINA offers you the ability to order ABEs (General Operating Permits) for Original ALPINA Parts. The price for an ABE incl. postage is € 10,- to be paid in advance. Please include the following information when ordering an ABE: your complete address, ALPINA part number, exact vehicle type, model year, and for ALPINA light-alloy wheels the tyre size. Please see also Approvals.

What are the applicable insurance categories for BMW ALPINA automobiles? Is there a list of same?

ALPINA is a small volume manufacturer. As such, our models do not fall into any readily available insurance categories. For more detailed information please contact us.

Which dealers sell BMW ALPINA automobiles? Is there a list? Where may I find it?

Please find a list of all authorised BMW ALPINA dealers on this website under  Contact.

Where can I get my BMW ALPINA serviced?

Service, maintenance and repairs for your BMW ALPINA automobile can be carried out by any authorised BMW dealer.

What is the correct tyre size on BMW and BMW ALPINA E36 3 Series models in combination with 8"x17" front and 9"x17" rear ALPINA wheels?

Unfortunately, the tyre sizes 265/35 R17 rear are no longer in production. ALPINA has performed extensive tests on the tyre combination listed below. Further, ALPINA has awarded the technical release for same and can recommend them as a replacement for ALPINA wheels with the following part numbers: 36 11 138 & 36 11 139 as well as 36 11 158 & 36 11 159 of the sizes 225/45 R17 front and 245/40 R17 rear. The required Certificate of Approval can be found here.

Is it possible to visit the ALPINA factory in Buchloe or take part in a factory tour?

Unfortunately we are currently not able to offer factory tours or visits of any kind.

Can I convert my BMW ALPINA to run on gas, autogas or LPG?

ALPINA does not offer gas conversions for any of its models. BMW ALPINA automobiles were not engineered, developed or tested to run on gas, autogas or LPG. ALPINA can not offer any assistance to those attempting a gas conversion, nor approve any gas conversions for operation. Damage caused to your vehicle by gas, autogas or LPG operation is excepted from any warranty claims.