There is no better way of giving your BMW ALPINA automobile a unique and unmistakeable identity than an individual interior made of the finest, highest-quality LAVALINA leather.
The ALPINA Manufactory offers you the possibility of deciding yourself on the colour, design and finish of practically every detail. Applying the highest quality standards and with classic craftsmanship, your wishes will be expertly turned into reality in the ALPINA leather workshop.

All BMW ALPINA models can be optionally equipped with one of two LAVALINA interiors. Customers who primarily value the special comfort and climate properties of LAVALINA leather may choose the option which focuses on the seat upholstery front and rear. Beyond this, the full leather interior creates a uniquely luxurious ambience where almost all interior surfaces are covered in leather.

Every BMW ALPINA is unique. The design possibilities offered by an ALPINA LAVALINA interior extend from the classic ALPINA identity design details through to the traditional elements of leather craftsmanship. This includes, for example, piping, stitching, embroidery and quilting. With much loving attention to detail, we realise your very personal design and your individual wishes.

LAVALINA is amongst the most natural and highest quality leather types available worldwide and offers all the advantages of untreated full-grain cowhide. It is cask-pigmented and is produced using the highest-quality hides sourced in South Germany. Silky smooth to the touch, this leather is unrivalled in terms of its surface texture, climatic comfort and appearance. Its natural qualities can be felt with every touch. It guarantees excellent temperature compensation and moisture regulation and is extremely breathable.

In a special additional tanning process, the individual fibres of the cowhide are impregnated with precious natural oils. This preserves the properties of the natural leather, such as its silky and extremely soft touch, while at the same time increasing the resistance to wear and tear. The natural traces and marks of life remain visible on the surface of the leather and lend LAVALINA leather its unique characteristics, which are valued by connoisseurs worldwide.

Selected cowhides, non-salt preserved, exclusively sourced from premium cattle in South Germany.

Colour uniformity:
A dyeing process developed over the course of many years guarantees minimum colour differences and a natural, durable appearance.

As a natural leather, the leather should also be cleaned as naturally as possible using only boiled water and a little pH-neutral soap.

Moisture-regulating for maximum climatic comfort and heat exchange. The open-pore texture is pleasant to the skin and makes LAVALINA leather highly breathable, therefore avoiding typical discomfort due to cold sensations and sweating.

Mineral pre-tanning. All dyes are water-soluble and no chemical solvents are used. Environmentally friendly, ecologically minded, recyclable – simply natural!

Colour choice:
The current LAVALINA leather colour range offers you a wide selection of harmonious colours for your interior. Would you like a specific colour that is not included in the current colour range? We will gladly supply special colours based on your individual requirements.