Brand Philosophy

ALPINA creates exclusive automobiles for a small circle of connoisseurs who appreciate the extraordinary and who know how to enjoy pleasure - cars for automotive gourmets.

These vehicles are likely the most renowned individual automobiles based on BMW cars, and have been developed and produced at the small autonomous family business, in friendly cooperation with BMW, for 50 years now. The love for details is always eminent in this process. Today, company founder Burkard Bovensiepen heads the company together with his sons Andreas and Florian.

The close cooperation with BMW is the basis for ALPINA’s continued success: it’s what empowers the creation of products that are highly individual while at the same time meeting the stringent quality and safety standards that apply to large-scale production cars.

Tradition and authenticity are important values of the brand.

»» I’m a man of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best.  ««

Oscar Wilde

ALPINAs 50th Anniversary

Dear friend of ALPINA!

“I’m a man of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best.”

Inspired by this quote from Oscar Wilde, powered by the will to turn something good into something individual and driven by a great passion for automobiles, I started out at my father’s former typewriter factory to develop a power enhancing multi-carburettor unit for the BMW 1500, and I called it the “ALPINA unit”.

What was eyed by my father rather with mistrust in the day, turned out to become - thanks to the trust put into me by BMW back then - the starting point of a success story, one which I had surely dreamed of, but which I had no way of foreseeing to come true.

A lot has changed since then. The original backyard workshop in Kaufbeuren has evolved into a modern family business over the past fifty years, which lives up to the exclusive demands of its customers worldwide with a current production output of 1,700 automobiles per year.

My sons and I owe this success to numerous companions: foremost, to Bayerische Motoren Werke, who not only kept opening niches to us throughout all these years, but who provided comprehensive support in many ways to us fill those niches; to our suppliers and business partners, some of whom we have been cooperating with for decades in a highly constructive manner; to our dealers and importers who so successfully have represented us for many years in Europe, Asia and the USA; to our customers, some of whom are already the generation driving our cars on the roads of the world; to the city of Buchloe, which provides caring support and a home to our company since 1970; and last but not least, to our employees, who have adopted this philosophy with their hearts and minds, and who – each in their own field of expertise – contribute with their loyalty, passion and enthusiasm to our customers feeling in good hands with ALPINA, both with their existing fleet and when purchasing new automobiles.

As you see, even in the face of change, ALPINA also stands for continuity: the motto, the will and the passion have remained the same they were in the beginning. We strive to produce exclusive masterpieces for automotive connoisseurs with all our motivation, drive and passion. The fact that we can celebrate this great anniversary, is proof that this attitude seems to have been the right thing to pursue.

Yours truly,

Burkard Bovensiepen
January 2020