ALPINA enters the Polish market

Official importer is Auto Fus

ALPINA and Auto Fus, a successful Polish luxury car dealer group, have joined efforts meaning customers in Poland can now order BMW ALPINA Automobiles directly in Warsaw from the BMW Auto Fus showroom.

ALPINA will officially launch in Poland at Poznań Motor Show, 6th - 9th April. The new BMW ALPINA B5 Bi-Turbo, having just celebrated its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, will be presented alongside the BMW ALPINA B7 Bi-Turbo, both with All-Wheel-Drive.

After the event in Poznań, Auto Fus will begin regular ALPINA operations in Warsaw, initially with BMW ALPINA D3 Bi-Turbo Touring and BMW ALPINA B7 Bi-Turbo demonstrators and showroom vehicles, naturally the entire ALPINA model range will be offered in Poland.

“In recent years we have received an ever increasing number of enquiries regarding BMW ALPINA Automobiles from polish customers. We appreciate that we were able to partner with the successful BMW and Rolls-Royce dealer Auto Fus as acting importer and are delighted to present our automobiles at the at Poznań Motor Show in April. We are especially proud to showcase the brand new BMW ALPINA B5 Bi-Turbo in Poland just after its world premiere at the Geneva International Motor Show” says Andreas Bovensiepen, ALPINA Proprietor and Head of Sales.

Piotr Fus, Vice President of Auto Fus, is also delighted that his company’s portfolio has been added to in the form of unique and exclusive automobiles manufactured by ALPINA: “There couldn’t be better news for Polish connoisseurs who prefer to stay with their beloved BMW brand, but at the same time would like to add an extraordinary, individual touch by ALPINA. It is also a great pleasure to cooperate with a business partner – who just like us – is family run and passionate about all things automotive.”

About Auto Fus:

Auto Fus, a family owned business, was established in early 1940s in Poland. From the very beginning the company has been devoted to the automotive industry. Originally it serviced and tuned motorcycles. Later it extended its operations by opening official services for Fiat, Mercedes and BMW. In 2003 Auto Fus joined forces with BMW Group and became an official BMW Dealer in Warsaw. 10 years later it enriched its sales portfolio with the Rolls-Royce brand. The company has been systematically recognized for highest quality service. In 2016 it celebrated opening of 14,500 sqm high-tech modern Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and BMW showroom.